My trip to Radium...



Just the beginnings of a vest. The wool was from my first attempt at using a drop spindal. It's pretty chunky, but i like the randomness. It's amazing how long it takes to spin the wool and how quickly you can use it up. I have much respect for all those spinners out there.


apron dress

I finally finished my little black apron dress. It took a me a while to get the pattern just right but im really happy with how it turned out. I want to make one in a light grey wool for winter.I think i will do some embroidery on the waist band this time...maybe a diamond pattern in reds...hmm.yes.


almost there

There is so much detail in this dress...soon enough.


mes petits oiseaux

i've been busy making wool the last few days...can't wait to start crocheting again.
my computer won't let me upload new photos, so until it's fixed ... here are some more old pics.


some crochet from last winter.recycled wool from old sweaters.


mes petites enfants


...and so after many years of living underground i have resurfaced, only to find myself at a loss for words. perhaps a photo or two to share with you...soon.